For Sale: 84 Turbo Wagon

I put my 1984 Subaru GL Turbo 4WD wagon up for sale. She’s been a great car, but I must let go. She’s having too many engine difficulties for me to deal with.

For those that don’t know me, this has been my baby for more than a year. I love this little car and its going to be hard to let her go. She has had many names. Elly, the Little Red Wagon, the Band Wagon, etc. The car has a ton of my blood and sweat in it (ew gross).

With any luck though, a Subaru buddy (The Yeti on the boards, whose real name is Jay) will buy it tomorrow. I know if he buys it, it will go to a good home where she will get the proper work she needs.

So the list of cars I have ever owned:

  1. 1989 Ford Tempo GL
  2. 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity
  3. 1996 Toyota Paseo
  4. 1988 Subaru XT6
  5. 1986 Subaru XT Turbo
  6. 1988 Subaru GL Station Wagon
  7. 1984 Subaru GL Turbo Station Wagon
  8. 1989 Subaru GL Coupe

You can see the car in question is number 7. Number 8 was my brother’s old car, I owned for 2 months at the most, so it doesn’t really count much.

So to conclude, I’m in the market for another car. I want a reliable econobox that gets decent gas mileage for < $1800 which appears to be close to my maximum budget.

Cars I particularly want:

  • EA82 (1985+) Subaru GL/Loyale Station Wagon, must be 5 speed, must be SPFI, FWD or 4WD (this is like number 6)
  • 1988+ Subaru XT non-Turbo, non-6. FWD or 4WD, must be a 5 speed
  • EA82 (1985+) Subaru GL Coupe, must be 5 speed, must be SPFI, FWD or 4WD (this is like number 8.)
  • Toyota Tercel or Paseo. My Paseo was a great car, just perhaps a little too small.
  • Any other reliable asian econobox. Hatchbacks preferred, must have decent cargo space.

I hope I don’t keep killing cars like this.

Telephoto and Basketball

After some deliberation about what to do with my refund money from the school, I decided to purchase a Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di telephoto lens. This lens is crazy long on my K100D, with a 35mm effective focal length of 105-400mm.

The lens arrived in the mail yesterday, which happened to be the same day as a basketball game. Therefore, I used it to take pictures of said game. See them in my photo album.

Slam Dunk

Pentax K100D Super

Me Holding Pentax

With some of the money I recieved from Christmas, along with a very nice rebate from Pentax, I purchased a Pentax K100D Super.

I’m in love with this little guy. Compatible with every single lens Pentax has ever made (including the massive 645 and 6×7 Med Format lenses), I have quite a selection to chose from.

I purchased it with the kit lens, a DA 18-55mm f/4-5.6 lens. The build quality on the kit lens is higher than most other kit lenses I’ve laid my hands on. It was certainly worth the $50 more to purchase the kit. I also have an old Pentax-M 50mm f/2 lens. This lens has turned out some decent portraits, though the clumsy methods used to meter an old Pentax-M lenses are annoying. v2.0

Welcome to the new version of my website. I was contemplating leaving the blogosphere and simply having a website with pages about me, and the stuff I do. Well, I changed my mind back to keeping a blog, but I need a fresh start. So, the old blog is gone, with its database permanently backed up.

You’ll notice, its a bit different. Also, the JavaScript controlling the Pages menu doesn’t quite work in IE 6. I didn’t write it and am too lazy to fix it. It’ll probably stay that way, forever. Just use IE 7 or better yet, FireFox or some other Mozilla derivative.