Political Compass

I ran across this a while back. I was sitting today pondering politics and became curious again.

Here’s where I fall on the “Political Compass“:

Political Compass

Of course, this is entirely up to interpretation, though we must remember that America’s political leaders really represent only a narrow region of global politics (that’s the blue part!).

Where do you fall?

So hey! There’s a facebook appliccation for this.

Transfer to MSCD

I’m transferring to MSCD. Some of you know that, many of you don’t.

I’m failing at Mines this year.
I’m tired of empty promises.
I feel like I’m spinning wheels.
I fail to see much logic in me continuing my education at Mines.

If I disappointed you, tough, suck it up and worry about yourself.

I don’t feel like a disappointment. I’ve done a lot here at Mines and don’t regret going here in the first place.

I do, however, regret that I’ll be leaving my friends and brothers. Please, keep in touch, even if I don’t.

I have already submitted my application and will be mailing my transcript shortly. I’ll know by the end of the week if I’ve been accept (extremely likely).

Photographic Opportunities near Denver

Hey guys, help me out. I’m looking for some cool urban locations to go photographing. Abandoned buildings would be cool, or even just some architectural location that would be cool.

The current assignment for photo 1 is to demonstrate five different forms of composition: Rule of thirds, lines, balance, framing and minimalism. I have a week, plus to get it done, but I’m having trouble finding cool locations to photograph.

Any ideas? Anyone wanna buddy up with me and go out shooting (with cameras of course!)?