YAS (Yet Another Semester)

So I started my first semester at MSCD, and I have to say, quite a bit different from CSM and I love it.

I’ve had classes two days so far. I’ve met people I knew before and met new people. Campus is HUGE (compared to CSM). According to the AHEC website, Auraria has the largest campus population in Colorado with over 37,000 students enrolled.That’s just crazy compared to CSM’s 3,000-ish. It didn’t really hit me either until lunch time hit and the walkways of campus were packed with students.

Despite all that, the classes are decently sized, my smallest being ~15 students and the largest ~30 students.

So what classes am I taking? Here’s the breakdown. All classes (except for the online one) are Tuesday and Thursday:

  • MTH2140 Computational Matrix Algebra – 10:00a to 10:50a
  • MTH3210 Probability and Statistics – 11:00a to 11:50a
  • CS1050 Computer Science 1 – 3:00p to 4:50p
  • HIS1910 History of Mesoamerica – Online

Three lower division, and one upper division. From here on out though, it should be all upper division. Just have to fill up those gaps that I missed with CSM’s coursework.

I will miss all my friends from CSM and will attempt to keep in touch. You do the same.

My Orange Account

So, I moved from Golden to Lakewood. I also took it as an opportunity to switch banks. My old bank, WaMu, was just fine. I had a checking account, and had no problems with it. One problem, the nearest WaMu to my new place was back in Golden. I didn’t want to drive that far to pull out cash without paying fees.

I proceeded to change banks. My new checking account is at FirstBank of Colorado. So far, they seem to be a decent bank. However, the lady signing me up for my account kept trying to push a savings account, a savings account I didn’t need or want. Two problems with this savings account:

  1. Minimum balance of $100 – Okay, its a savings account, not that big of a deal
  2. Interest rate of 0.80% APR – Yeah, I know, that’s standard

Yeah, sure it might be convenient to have my savings account at the same bank as my checking. However, the interest rate sucks. It is nowhere near as high as my ING Direct Orange Savings account. Its an all electronic savings account with a variable APR that is currently 3.0%. Yes, that’s three whole percent! Three cents on every dollar. If you’re going to have a flexible savings account, why not get one that at least has a decent interest rate? I highly recommend them. However, there are a couple disadvantages:

  1. There is no ING branch to go to. Just a toll-free 800 number.
  2. Since there is no physical branch, all money is put into and removed from the account using EFT.

I can live with that, especially when the interest rate on a savings account is higher than many CDs! How’s that for a liquid savings account?