Bicycle Commute Myth 1: You Need Special Clothes

There are a number of myths perpetuated about bicycle commuting. Some people seem to think the idea of riding a bicycle to and from work is such a daunting task, what with all the preparation that is involved.

One common concern people have is that you need special clothing to ride a bicycle. This can be true if you have a long a commute. However, as I’m discovering, if your commute is short enough, say five miles or less, you really don’t need special clothing. I used to regularly commute to my work, which was 6.2 miles, by bicycle with blue jeans and a shirt, which would be normal work attire.

Today, I rode roughly three miles to a job thingy wearing business clothing: a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. Apart from shoving the end of my tie into my shirt, this clothing choice was not a problem.

Worried about your pant leg getting all greased up? A pant leg strap, small bungee cord, or rubber band work well to keep the pant leg off the chain. Got none of that? Its also possible to just shove the end of the leg into your sock. (Thanks Nathan for pointing out that I missed that on facebook)

Worried about getting your work clothes all sweaty? You can commute in just some regular athletic clothing. Similar to what you would wear at a gym. While spandex clothing does have its usefulness on a bicycle, it just is not necessary for commuting.