Grandma’s Saddlebag

I picked up one of these at the Bike Depot. It was actually a gift for Niki, but I thought I would try it out. One of the Bike Depot’s mechanics’ grandmother knitted a few of these for them to sell. It is quite awesome and quite versatile.

Grandma's Saddlebag

It comes with a pair of leather toe clip straps to hold it onto your saddle. You’ll need a saddle with bag loops like a Brooks or similar. It has a rope on the one end to seal it up. I found it was easy to make a bow with the rope and shove it into the tiny opening in the saddlebag.

Grandma's Saddlebag

If you want one, you’ll have to walk into the Bike Depot and purchase one. Alternatively, if you know someone that is crafty and good with a pair of knitting needles, I bet they could make one for you.

NoPa: The Next Hip Neighborhood!

I was perusing the local home listings, always on the lookout for an affordable house in a good neighborhood. We came across a cool house in what I would call the Baker neighborhood. Isn’t really something we would buy (not a big fan of the schools in the neighborhood), however, I found something interesting the house’s listing.

Super Popular Sobo (South Broadway) Area, Close To All The Hip Shops, Fun Bars, The Mayan, Hornet, Cool Restaurants, Yoga, Sante Fe Arts District and Downtown!

Super popular “SoBo” neighborhood? Seriously? Where the hell did they get the idea that someone wants to live in a neighborhood called SoBo? Just how do you arrive at SoBo from South Broadway? Must have sounded better than the SoBr (as apposed to Drunk?) area. Another thing, can you even call something that is north of Ellsworth Ave in the South Broadway area? (For those not familiar with Denver, Ellsworth is the horizontal axis on Denver’s street grid.)

I think it is just real estate agents trying to attract the young hipster crowd. LoDo has been the long standing nickname for the neighborhood known as Lower Downtown. Then came LoHi, RiNo, SoDo, NoCo, etc.

So, I propose a new neighborhood. We’ll call it, “NoPa.” Its the cool, hip neighborhood of North Park Hill. Its the cool place full of 50s era brick ranch homes. Easy access to commuter rail in 2016. A few miles from downtown and right next to Stapleton (StaTo?).

You just wait, all the cool kids will be wanting to move to NoPa in ten years from now.

Parking Lot Madness

I know I don’t post here often (honestly, do people even read this?), but thought I would share this video that came through my brother on Facebook:


The video is commentary of a typical day at a Whole Foods parking lot next to the Cherry Creek Mall here in Denver.

Where else could this happen but in a culture where car is king?