HP MSM Access Points and Cacti

I love graphs. Just ask my wife. Any sort of metric I can get my hands on, I try to graph and display visually.

One of my favorite tools for graphing data is Cacti. As such, if it can be queried via SNMP, I want it on Cacti.

I have an HP MSM430 access point that I use in our home. It presents quite a bit of data via SNMP. I’ve developed some Cacti templates that can be used to graph average SNR for a station (a station is an SSID on an individual radio), as well as the number of users connected to a station.

Find it on github: https://github.com/shouptech/hp-msmAP-cacti

avg-snr num-users

Comcast IPv6 with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

With the latest release of firmware (1.6) for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter devices, you can now use DHCPv6-PD with only modifying the device config.

It works with Comcast’s IPv6. Here’s my config to get you going: