2009 Specialized Sirrus

Bought this bike brand new in May of 2009 from Wheatridge Cyclery for a very good price. Intended use was to ride to and from school. At the time, I lived almost 8 miles away. All down hill going there, but all up hill coming home.

After I rode it during a rain storm one day, I learned the value of fenders. Wheatridge Cyclery had a nice set of SKS commuters in stock. With some finaggling and a little bit of Dremel usage, the fenders went on:

Sirrus with Fenders
Sirrus with Fenders

Later, I added a rack, and some small panniers. I quickly put on lots of miles with it. Over time though, I had numerous problems with hand fatigue and pain in my shoulders. Adjusted the fit a bit, and the shoulder pain subsided, but I would still have a lot of hand fatigue. After playing with my hand positions on the flat bars, I learned I needed something that could give me more positions.

I decided to go with drop bars. This would be a fun conversion requiring the purchase of some new parts. Purchased a set of Tektro RL520 brake levers designed for use with linear pull brakes and went with a set of 8 speed indexed Shimano bar end shifters. Throw on some blue tape, and I had a nice drop bar bicycle:

Sirrus after drop bar conversion
Sirrus after drop bar conversion

I love the drop bars.

As of October 2009, I have put at least 1,100 miles on my Sirrus.

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One thought on “2009 Specialized Sirrus”

  1. Hello there,
    I have Sirrus 2014, bought it mid-2014, but I already put more than 2000 miles until today.
    I read your blog and I have the same reason as you, especially when I took 300km audax couple months ago, and decided to convert it to drop handlebar, so I changed it 3 weeks ago, but I use it for about 150 miles just days ago.
    Yes it was great, but I think I need higher angle for stem to get my desired cycling position.

    Thank you for your sharing

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