Parking Lot Madness

I know I don’t post here often (honestly, do people even read this?), but thought I would share this video that came through my brother on Facebook:


The video is commentary of a typical day at a Whole Foods parking lot next to the Cherry Creek Mall here in Denver.

Where else could this happen but in a culture where car is king?


Who would’ve thought a year ago I wouldn’t own a car? I certainly didn’t. I couldn’t comprehend how anyone could get by without a car.

Well, two days ago I sold my car. The 1988 Subaru RX. It was a great little car for the period I had it. The last couple months, it barely was driven. Just sat out on the side of Downing St looking very lonely. Yes, it had cars in front and behind it to keep company, but it wanted to be driven.

Note, I’m not completely car-free. Niki let’s me borrow her car. We actually have both our names on the insurance policy now (yikes! commitment!).

Also, I recently signed up for a car sharing program called Occasional Car. If you actually sign up now, you can even get a free membership. I haven’t used the service yet, though I plan to eventually. There’s a Toyota Yaris within walking distance from the apartment. Expect a review once I have a need for it.

Its amazing where one can go with relatively little effort using a bicycle and public transportation in Denver.

Number 10

  1. 1989 Ford Tempo GL
  2. 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity
  3. 1996 Toyota Paseo – Rolled, took a piece of me with it. Died at 101,000 miles.
  4. 1988 Subaru XT6 – Alive when I sold it. Sold at 115,000 miles.
  5. 1986 Subaru XT Turbo – Sort of alive, sort of dead. Mileage unknown, was on its third motor.
  6. 1988 Subaru GL Station Wagon – Living its life out as a farm wagon somewhere in NE Colorado. Complete with rust holes the size of tennis balls. Sold at 208,000 miles
  7. 1984 Subaru GL Turbo Wagon – Dead, parted out, living as pieces of other early 80s Turbo Subarus
  8. 1989 Subaru GL Coupe – Sold to live the rest of its life in New Jersey. Complete with giant rust holes in doors and 260,000 mile body with 112,000 mile engine.
  9. 1994 Subaru Loyale Station Wagon – Sold this last weekend, living as a commuter w/ 215,000 miles
  10. 1988 Subaru RX – Alive and kicking with its EJ25!

For those keeping track, I’m on my tenth car. That’s ten cars since November of 2001. That’s an average of 1.43 cars per year.