Englewood’s Master Bicycle¬†Plan

So who woulda thunk it? The City of Englewood, Colorado actually has a bicycle plan. You would never know it, because, well, they don’t mention it, ever. It at one point in time was on their website. It has since disappeared, and you’ll never find it.

I ended up e-mail’ing the city before I got a copy of it. The plan itself is full of awesome. A neat pie graph is in there that shows in 2003, 60% of Englewood Students rode their bicycle at least once a week.

The plan provides details of a bicycle grid route system, identifies missing links in the trail system, bike route signage and all sorts of other cool stuff.

I propose the the city of Englewood get off of their collectives asses, ride their bikes, and work to implement everything in the plan.

Checkout the plan: Master Bike Plan