The Car is Becoming Less Important

I read an interesting article from Denver Urbanism today. It is part of a common conversation lately. Many young folks simply don’t see cars the same way the older generations see them.

My wife and I, for example, own one car between the two of us. Even with a son on the way, we just don’t see the need for another car. Our car isn’t even used for commuting to and from work. We have planned our lives around the idea that one car is enough for a family. Not that we don’t recognize the utility of cars. We use ours for various errands and to visit friends and family. Most days though, it just sits in our driveway.

The fact is, many major cities make it easy to get around without a car. Our lovely mile high city of Denver has excellent bicycle infrastructure, a large public transportation system, and the first large scale bike share system in the USA. I hope in the future, many families and individuals will find it easy to go car-lite or even car-free.