Making Denver a Cycle Haven pt. 2: Better Bike Share

Denver B-Cycle is great. I’ve used it many times during the last season. Let me say though, it has huge room for improvement.

A few ideas:

  1. Make B-Cycle a year round thing. I was disappointed when they closed B-Cycle for winter hibernation. While I can sort of understand the reasoning, its utility is severely diminished when it gets closed for a few months out of the year. Then, I get an email today that they delayed its reopening by two weeks.
  2. Saturate the city with kiosks, expand beyond Denver. This should go without saying. B-Cycle should have a thousand kiosks in the Denver area with ten thousand bicycles. For now, I’ll settle for some more outside of the core of Denver.
  3. Kiosks that actually work. I was extremely frustrated last year with some of the touch screens. They didn’t work, became unresponsive, and few times, the station two blocks from my house hadn’t woken up yet. I was unable to retrieve a bike.
  4. Bells on the bike that the hammers don’t break off of.
  5. Cheap prices, similar to Dublin’s bike share. Did you know, that for only ten euro (about fourteen U.S. Dollars), you can get a year long subscription? Much better than B-Cycles sixty-five dollar cost.

Really, I’m being very critical of B-Cycle. It is a great system. I would be entirely happy with it if I could get a bike throughout the entire year.

B-Cycle Ready To Go!

B-Cycle, the nations largest bicycle sharing program is getting ready to launch on Earth Day in our very own Denver!

Everywhere in the city, stations are being populated with bicycles.

B-Cycle @ 25th & Lawrence
B-Cycle at 25th St and Lawrence St

I will be volunteering at B-Cycle stations during the launch to tell you all you need to know. Find me on Friday, 4p-6p at the Cherry Creek Mall, and Saturday, 11a-2p at Denver Health.

Also, if you’re free Thursday morning (I’m trying to find a way to be free), join Mayor Hickenlooper at the B-Cycle Launch Event!

Let’s show the nation what Denver can do to be bike friendly!

Volunteering for Launch of Denver’s Bike Sharing!

I’m volunteering for the launch of Denver’s Bike Sharing program, B-Cycle.

If you’re free, come stop by and say hi to me:

  • Cherry Creek Mall from 4pm to 6pm on Friday 4/23
  • Denver Health from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 4/24

According to the map, the Cherry Creek mall station looks to be at 2800 E 1st Ave and the Denver Health station is at 777 Bannock St.

Come say hi!