Snowy Bicycle Riding Tips

Here’s a short list of tips for riding in the snow:

  • Layer up. You want to be cold when you first step out, but not too cold. Your body will generate its own heat.
  • Get some full coverage fenders. Your bicycle will kick up a lot of crap and you don’t want that on your components or your person.
  • Give yourself ample time. At least twice if not three times as long of time to get from A to B. You will go much, much slower.
  • Light your bike up like a Christmas tree.
  • Studded tires aren’t exactly necessary, but they help.

Keep some of this in mind, and you too can have fun in the snow.

Check out the guys at They have some great tips and stories.

Above all, stay safe!

Trek in the Snow
Trek in the Snow

    Trek 820 – Now Single Speed!

    I came into possession recently of an old Trek 820. (Actually, it was too big for Niki and when she upgraded bicycles she never got rid of it, so I annexed it.) I decided I would try and have some fun with this bicycle. It will turn into my winter beater.

    I decided I would make it a single speed. The old 21 speeds never did work too well, and single speed just sounded fun.

    I went to Performance Bicycle off of Colorado as the last time I was in there I saw a fancy conversion kit.

    The Forte Single Speed Conversion Kit comes with all you need to single speed goodness. Includes some cogs, spacers, chain tensioner and a lock ring.

    Forte SS Kit - From °Florians Flickr account
    Forte SS Kit - From °Florian's Flickr account

    The kit is cheap too, got it for $25.

    Also needed a new chain, got a nice SRAM single speed chain – $10.

    After examining the front triple crankset, determining the rings are riveted on and won’t come apart. So, I just left ’em there. Decided on using the 34T middle ring with the 18T cog from the kit.

    For about $35, the Trek went from being 21 speeds to a single speed. Took it for a brief spin. My impressions are great. Single speed is significantly different that multi-geared. The urge to shift is a hoot. I kept trying to reach for some shifters, but none were there. The big wide knobby tires though must go!

    Now the bike just needs some fenders and possible studded tires and it’ll be ready to cruise down the streets of Denver in snow!